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What Should You Expect During Your In-Home Consultation

During your one hour "In Home Consultation" one of our talented designers will come to your home or office and assess your home for it's needs and the items required to achieve your design aesthetic. After we understand what your home needs to look beautiful and function for your lifestyle, we then go back to our office and create a plan with options for your home. 


After about 10 business days we then invite you and any other pertinent decision maker to our public showroom to go over all the items and options for home. After we adjust your design plan according to your preferences and budget we then give the plan to you for you to do with what ever you like. If you choose to proceed we can completely install your entire home in under 48 hours  or we can proceed room by room. 


See the "Book Online" tab to schedule your appointment today! 

How We Work

In Home Consultation

One of our designers comes out to your home and spends an hour with you discussing your vision for your home. If you have inspiration rooms please have them ready when the designer arrives. We take measurements for furniture and we take pictures if you choose to have visuals created for the spaces.

After we leave your home we then go back to the studio showroom and within 10-14 business days we create a plan with samples, pricing and pictures of the items we think would best fit your home based on your specifications and budget. Your designer then invites you and one (1) other decision maker back to the store for a "show and tell" where we go over the plan and options for your spaces. The best part is you get to keep your plan!

Digital Visuals

If you need to see the chosen items in a digital room setting, we can do that for you. In the visuals we can put about 90% of the items discussed into the visual which are yours to keep! Each room visual costs $125 based on the initial design consultation, changes to the original visual costs $25 per change. 

Mood Boards

If you just need to see the various components of the room together for a general idea of what the room would look like, we can make you a digital mood board. Digital mood boards cost $75 per room and changes to the mood boards costs $25 per change.

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